Losing weight is not only a matter of aesthetics; sometimes it is necessary for health reasons. And we must be careful, because sometimes we make decisions that, far from helping us achieve it, make it more difficult for us. Losing weight has become a necessity for millions of people around the world who are struggling with obesity and overweight. Far from thinking that it is something that is done for a simple aesthetic question, not being overweight is essential to maintain good health and prevent multiple diseases. To achieve this goal, hundreds of strategies have been created that aim to help burn fat more easily and achieve results in less time. However, some are not as effective as they promise and in the end they lead to a failure that ends up destroying all the motivation to lose weight.

As we know that many still do not know what are those measures that should not be taken at the time of reducing kilos, then we will share the 5 most common decisions that should be avoided altogether. Discover them!

1. Eat Healthy only from Monday to Friday

There are those who make a plan of healthy  eating to lose weight , but only apply it from Monday to Friday because they consider that weekends are not so important. The truth is that those days account for 28.5% of the whole week and the weight that can be earned by eating is significant. Eating fast foods, drinking alcohol or chopping between meals with unhealthy snacks will prevent losing the desired weight. In fact, in some cases, you are likely to eat the same calories that you eat on the other five days of the week.


Plan the menu for 7 days a week and try to respect it as much as possible. Although sometimes there may be some neglect, it is essential to try to maintain a good diet at all times.

2.Exercise for Hours in the Gym

Exercise is one of the best allies to lose weight and should be a supplement to the diet to reach the goal in a matter of weeks. The big mistake that some commit is to spend long hours in the gym working only one of the parts of their body and without leaning on a good diet. There is no point in trying so hard if you later regain all those calories that have been burned with the activity.


Adopt a training routine that includes high intensity exercises, which are more effective to lose weight. Also, complement it, yes or yes, with a  healthy diet  and the daily consumption of two liters of water.

3. Base the Diet on Light and Whole Foods

Many times the famous light products are deceptive and can become the obstacle to reach the goal. For example, there are cookies that on their label bring the image of a woman with a toned and slender body and a phrase like “keep the line”. However, when reading the nutritional information it can be seen that they only have fewer calories compared to the normal ones, but even so the caloric contribution is still significant. It is also important to review the wholemeal products, as they sometimes claim to be, but in reality they are mixtures of  whole meal flour  with other ingredients rich in calories.


At the time of buying your food, read your nutritional information well and avoid those that bring too many calories.

4. Do an Extreme Diet

Watch out! It is one of the worst decisions that can be made. Extreme diets do not usually provide the nutrients that the body requires to function in perfect condition and, in the end, can cause rebound effect. While some help to lose several kilos in a matter of days, can cause a strong sense of anxiety that leads to ingest more calories than due.


Design a type of healthy diet that allows you to burn fat gradually and stable. Be patient and avoid temptation to see the results.

5. Skipping Breakfast or any Main Meal

Breakfast, as well as any of the main meals, should be complete and moderate.

“Skipping any one leads to being hungrier in later hours and that translates into a higher calorie intake”.

In addition, eating properly is very healthy for an adequate rhythm of metabolism and keeps it in perfect condition so that it does not stop transforming fat into energy.


It divides well the main meals, basing them on foods of high nutritional quality like the fruits, vegetables, cereals and lean meats.

Losing weight is not an easy task and it takes constant effort to keep it at stable levels. Taking into account that each body has different needs, it is best to consult a nutritionist to receive a meal plan accordingly