Eating a light and controlled calorie dinners is crucial to maintain optimal energy expenditure. In addition, a  good dinner helps  to have a better quality of sleep. The idea of ​​skipping dinner to “save calories” is a thing of the past. Although it was thought that it was a good method to lose weight, today it is given more importance. Do you want to learn how to prepare delicious dinners to lose weight without going hungry? This main meal of the day plays a very important role on metabolic health. In fact, its nutrients are key to having a good quality of sleep and more energy the next day. Next, we want to share 7 interesting proposals.

Dinner is the Key to Losing Weight

To lose weight more easily it is essential to make all the main meals of the day. However, keep in mind that dinner should be light and controlled in calories. The foods that are taken at this time of day provide energy that is not usually spent optimally. Therefore, to avoid excessive fat accumulation, weight loss dinners should be prepared with low-calorie foods, such as raw or cooked vegetables, lean meats and some sources of healthy fats.

“This combination of nutrients contributes to keep the metabolism active and, incidentally, induces a good rest”.

However, you should also consider dinner time, as it should be at least 2 or 3 hours before going to bed.

What Happens if We do not have Dinner?

People who choose not to dine or eat low-calorie diets are making an unnecessary sacrifice that not only will not help them lose weight, but will cause them a rebound effect when they return to eat. The organism will reduce to the maximum the energetic cost before the lack of foods and will accumulate all the possible reserves when returning to eat, like answer of survival. The key is to choose the right foods, eat moderately and without being obsessed with calories. The result will be an effective weight loss without suffering. In only a week we can see positive results.

7 Dinners to Lose Weight in a Week

The  weight loss dinners  proposed below are not miraculous recipes to eliminate kilos. To get to see results from the first week it is essential to design a balanced and complete diet. Also, it is recommended to do physical activity and drink plenty of water.

1. Monday: Cream of Vegetables and Peas

The creams of cold or hot vegetables, depending on the season, are one of the best options for dinner, as they are satisfying and very healthy. We can make them with the vegetables that we like the most and, if possible, with a portion of legumes included that will provide an extra protein and fiber. The pea is one of the best legumes that we can consume at dinner, as it is very digestive and tastes delicious.

2. Tuesday: Gazpacho and Poultry

The gazpacho or vegetable juice (tomato, cucumber, pepper, garlic) is ideal for the hottest nights or where we need a dose of vitamins and minerals. We can take advantage of the lightness of this juice to consume a portion of chicken meat or turkey baked or grilled. The combination is perfect and we can digest it very easily. It is one of the weight loss dinners that can be taken after a sport session.

3. Wednesday: Salad and Hummus

The chickpea is a very nutritious legume. However, many people have trouble digesting it, especially at night. For this reason we recommend opting for hummus, a cold chickpea cream that we can accompany with salad.

4. Thursday: Roasted Fish and Pineapple

Fish is low-fat animal protein, so it is a good option to lose weight. We can make it in the oven together with some pineapple slices. The result will be a light dessert, delicious and ideal to digest the fish ration.

5. Friday: Quinoa and Guacamole

Quinoa is a cereal very rich in protein, more suitable than other cereals such as rice for dinner. In this case, we suggest accompanying it with a delicious guacamole, which will give us a good amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats.

6. Saturday: Chickpea Pizza

Do you love pizza? Treat yourself on Saturday night, but make the dough with chickpea flour. You will have a much healthier and more suitable recipe to lose weight.

7. Sunday: Green Smoothie and Omelet

On Sunday we can recover from the excesses of the weekend with a green shake, delicious and depurative, and a French omelette. The simplest weight loss dinner can be very appetizing and will help us to rest well to start the week with energy and vitality.