There are certain types of foods that have to be included in any diet and we show you what they are. They are essential foods for their nutritional properties. They are also accessible and known. Lately we hear about vegetables or “new” condiments that our grandmothers did not know. However, today they are recommended as superfoods , among them kale, basil, acai, chia, among others. We do not doubt its benefits, but why do not we go over some essential and well-known foods? Those foods that is necessary for a healthy and balanced diet, also known and easy to get and include in any dish.

Essential and Accessible Foods:


A balanced diet should contain a bit of everything, but you should never miss the tomato. It has antioxidants, which help cellular rejuvenation, and vitamins A, C and E. The appreciated tomato was used as a decorative plant, until in the eighteenth century it began to be consumed as food. In addition, the tomato is pure water, which makes it  ideal to maintain weight .

“It also has a fantastic substance for the organism, lycopene, which prevents the appearance of certain cancers, such as lung cancer and prostate cancer”.

The Avocado

The delicious avocado has a spectrum of benefits that help from a pregnant woman to an adult man. It has folic acid, necessary to prevent malformations in the fetus, and its fats impede the development of cholesterol.


This essential, aromatic and  fresh food is a natural protector  of the organism. It is better to consume it fresh, since it is the way in which it maintains all its properties. In addition, it is an excellent regulator of blood pressure and helps digestion. On the other hand, many chefs recommend taking out their green inner part – the bud – because it can be heavy for digestion. The rest of the garlic clove can be consumed completely. Also, as a curiosity, garlic can have certain aphrodisiac effects.


Celery is famous for stimulating sexual potency. It is believed that this capacity is attributed to the fact that celery promotes blood circulation and, consequently, improves sexual potency. In addition, its consumption helps improve small memory problems linked to age. Celery also has a high percentage of iron, which is why it is an essential food against anemia. Finally, as a curiosity, celery juice helps overcome sleep disorders.

The Chocolate

Although it is accused of favoring weight gain, chocolate has more virtues than defects. It is energetic, since consuming a small amount earns a lot in energy. In addition, only 100 grams of dark chocolate possesses 375 milligrams of phosphorus. On the other hand, the polyphenols that chocolate possesses make it a protective heart and a preventive agent for cancer.

The Spinach

Spinach not only gives strength, but helps maintain a good view. In addition to being a basic source of iron, spinach is as good as or better for the eye than carrots, as it concentrates a good amount of lutein, a substance that strengthens the retina.

The Apples

The apple is the fruit par excellence. These essential foods reduce the amount of proteins and lipids, and have a high percentage of vitamins, water and salts. In addition, they also act against damage to brain cells.


It’s true, raisins have a lot of sugar concentration, but that’s exactly what makes them a wonderful energy engine for children, seniors and athletes. In addition, in their small space, they have an almost perfect balance of five important minerals: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

The Salmon

Salmon, especially the wild one, is considered to be among the essential foods since it has large amounts of Omega-3, a substance that prevents heart disease. The most recommendable thing is to incorporate this fish into the children’s diet due to its fantastic nutritional contribution.

The Yogurt

A yogurt a day helps any adult to strengthen calcium in the body and children to prevent infections. In addition, it would be among the essential foods for low-calorie diets. Whole or nonfat, yogurt is a perfect product for your diet.


Broccoli is a  good source of vitamin A  (mainly in the form of beta-carotenes), vitamin C and folic acid. This is so to the point that a 200-gram serving provides more than three times the daily recommendations for vitamin C and half the recommended intakes of folic acid.

The Cranberries

They are considered a source of vitamins C and K, in addition to their manganese richness. Cranberries are the essential foods perfect for taking alone or as part of recipes, for example, with yogurt. Whether red or black, be sure to try them as an accompaniment to smoothies, pies or other desserts.

In summary, we invite you to eat a colorful and healthy diet. Prepare the dishes that you prefer with these ingredients. Search recipes on our site, we have many healthy food and beverage recipes!