The most effective and lasting  way to lose weight  is to do it in the long term, in my view and that of science. However, there are times when you need to lose a few kilos almost overnight because an important event is approaching: a wedding, a beach vacation, a party… In these cases, there are some tricks and tips that used moderately and in combination with a reasonable and sensible diet, can help you achieve your goal. Today, I show you how to reduce weight in record time and in the healthiest way possible.

Note: Nutrition Without More does not recommend using these methods for a period exceeding two weeks.

Follow a Balanced Diet:

The first thing you have to keep in mind when deciding that you want to lose weight is that your diet should be balanced and contain healthy foods.

Say YES to:

– Foods rich in protein.

– Healthy fats.

– Foods rich in fiber.

Say NO to:

– Junk food.

– Processed foods.

– Refined carbohydrates: soft drinks, fruit juices, white bread, white rice, white pasta …

– All products with added sugars.

If you feel lost and don’t know what foods you can include in your diet, check out this list of 20 healthy weight loss foods and these 10 other natural fat burners. And remember! All carbohydrates are not equal. These 12 carbohydrate foods are very beneficial for your health and many of them contribute to weight loss.

Drink More Water:

Studies have shown that the water consumption can significantly promote weight loss. Apparently, drinking half a liter of water can speed up the metabolism by up to 30% and drinking 2 liters per day of water could increase energy expenditure by 96 calories per day.

“On the other hand, drinking water half an hour before meals can also cause significant weight reduction”.

In one study, participants were divided into two groups: the first group followed a hypocaloric diet and drank ½ liter of water before each meal, and the second group followed a hypocaloric diet without water intake.

What was the Results?

The first group (½ liter of water before each meal) lost 44% more weight than the second group (without water intake). That said, and if you really  want to lose weight , try to drink 2 to 3 liters a day of water to fill your stomach and also avoid fluid retention. Also, drinking cold water can also increase calorie burning, since the body will need to spend energy (calories) to heat the water to body temperature. I forgot! From time to time, you can exchange water with green tea, a very healthy drink that also contributes to weight loss.

Reduce Sodium Intake:

Sodium, an electrolyte mostly present in salt, is essential for the proper functioning of the body: it absorbs water and keeps fluid levels stable both inside and outside the cells. However, several scientific studies have found that when you consume sodium in large quantities, your body can accumulate excess water. The daily amount of sodium recommended by the health authorities is less than 1500 mg and they warn that you should never exceed 2300 mg. However, most people consume twice this amount and around 75% of sodium comes from processed foods. For this reason, I can assure you that not adding salt to your dishes will not cause a lack of sodium in your body. Drinking more water and limiting sodium intake are the perfect combination to get rid of excess liquid weight you don’t need. You will see how the scale descends in the blink of an eye.

Note: reducing sodium intake does not mean suppressing it completely from your diet and, in fact, I do not advise you at all.

Do Exercise:

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best forms of exercise to burn fat in record time. It is maximum intensity training with a maximum duration of 20 minutes and some of the physical activities that it includes are cycling or running. According to several studies, HIIT is much more effective in eliminating fat than any other kind of cardiovascular exercise, especially abdominal fat. In a particular study, carried out for 20 weeks, the group that performed HIIT lost 9 times more subcutaneous fat than the group that underwent resistance training. Another excellent way to exercise your muscles while eliminating fat and accelerating your metabolism is to do weight lifting.

Training with kettlebell or kettlebell is an ideal option, as it combines cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting.

Finally, drinking a cup of coffee an hour before starting your workout will give you an extra boost and you will be able to endure for longer. A clinical trial observed that the fact of consuming a coffee one hour before training increased the time that participants could stay pedaling by about 15 minutes.

Note: if you are new to sports and physical activity, I recommend that you ask the gym staff for advice.

Use Stimulating Foods or Natural Products:

Nature has given us a multitude of foods full of nutrients and medicinal properties. But that’s not all, many herbs and spices also have positive effects on weight reduction. According to several studies, some spices can speed up the metabolism, so put aside the salt and season your recipes with the herbs and spices that you like the most. You can use turmeric, cumin, coriander, black pepper, garlic, cloves … The peppers or cayenne pepper are also excellent natural fat burners when consumed 3 times a day.

Caffeine consumption also speeds up the metabolism even when you do not plan to exercise

Another natural stimulant of weight loss is apple cider vinegar, whose intake with carbohydrate-rich meals can cause a reduction in calorie consumption equivalent to 200-275 calories per day

Likewise, in one study it was observed that the consumption of 15 or 30 ml per day of vinegar per day caused a loss of between 1 and 2 kg of weight.

Charge with will, be convinced and be hard on yourself. You only have to apply these changes for one or two weeks, so if you do not comply with any of the guidelines, it is very likely that you will not achieve your purpose. Cheer up!